2019 ELS Philanthropy Forum Application


This application must be filled out completely and accurately. To complete your application, submit this form complete with a current resume and answers to all questions. For questions contact the Director of Donor Experience at 918-295-6660 or els@tauw.org. 


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1. What competencies and skills do you want to gain through this experience and how will you apply those going forward?

2. What is your proudest accomplishment, either community related, at work, or personally?

3. What current community issue do you feel most passionate about, and how might you recommend addressing it?

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United Way Awards Social Innovation Grants to Innovative New Programs
Improving life in North Tulsa, providing mediation between tenants and landlords to decrease evictions, helping those released from prison to pursue an education, get a job and make sound financial decisions, and improving the financial literacy of low-income families without access to banks are among community projects to receive Social Innovation Grants from the Tulsa Area United Way.