United Way Trailblazers Kick Off Summer Campaign



United Way campaign season officially began on Thursday, July 25, when the Trailblazers kicked off their early summer campaign.

Each summer, several “trailblazing” companies and organizations conduct United Way campaigns, agreeing to increase their campaigns by at least 10 percent over the previous year.

“We appreciate the willingness of these companies and organizations to conduct their campaigns during the heat of the summer,” said Alison Anthony, President and CEO of the Tulsa Area United Way. “They are harbingers for the larger campaign to follow.”

This year’s Trailblazers include Eide Bailly, Morse and Co., Commerce Bank, Tulsa Federal Credit Union, TTCU The Credit Union, EMSA, T.D. Williamson, Tulsa Boys’ Home, Community Service Council, and the Tulsa Area United Way.

The Trailblazer kick-off event was held at Glacier Bean to Bar at 209 E. Archer St. Glacier also offered a happy hour for United Way affinity groups, including Women United and the Emerging Leaders Society, contributing 15 percent of all sales to the United Way campaign.

In addition, Glacier developed a special United Way “charity box” of chocolates, with 20 percent of sales contributed through July to the Disaster Relief Fund for Eastern Oklahoma, which is coordinated by the Tulsa Community Foundation and Tulsa Area United Way.

The results of the Trailblazer campaign will be announced at the Day of Caring kick-off and breakfast on Sept. 6 – the official beginning of the annual Tulsa Area United Way campaign for the community. The campaign concludes at the annual “Unite!” celebration on Nov. 7.



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