About the WLC

Connecting Women, Developing Leaders

A passion for improving the lives of others unites the members of the Tulsa Area United Way's Women's Leadership Council. This group is several hundred members strong and is leading the way in the growing movement of women leaders. Join the Women's Leadership Council to network with a diverse group of business and community leaders and to make a difference in this community.

Our Mission

The TAUW Women's Leadership Council unites women - their time, talent and resources - into a powerful network of individuals devoted to enhancing and strengthening intergenerational opportunities within our community.

Our Focus

WLC focuses on developing new leadership for the community through encouragement of intergenerational interaction and mentoring.

Agency Tours - Caring in Action

Experience the world through the eyes of those served by the Tulsa Area United Way's 60 partner agencies. Each individual has a unique story of hope. Tours only take an hour out of your day, and with two tours scheduled each month, there are plenty of opportunities to participate.   

Volunteer Opportunities - Your Turn to Serve

Just as an agency tour motivated Christy to action (read her story here), you may find yourself wanting to become more involved with our partner agencies. Membership in the Women's Leadership Council provides you with information about a wide variety of volunteer opportunities. The WLC as a group participates in the Day of Caring in September as well as a Holiday Volunteer project in December. 
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Tulsa is one of 120 other Women's Leadership Councils across the U.S. - a national network of more than 50,000 women - united by our passion and unified by our mission. We unite women - their time, talent and resources - into a powerful network of individuals devoted to improving the lives of individuals and families in our community.

WLC membership is open to all donors and volunteers of the Tulsa Area United Way. We invite you to learn more about this important new organization, including volunteer opportunities and agency tours, on these pages.

We look forward to having you become a part of this exciting new initiative, and would be happy to answer any questions you have!


Becky J. Frank
President and CEO
Schnake Turnbo
Frank | PR
Women's Leadership Council Past Chair
Mark R. Graham
and CEO
Tulsa Area United Way
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