Community Collaborations



Many entrenched social problems in our community cannot be solved by a single organization. We all must work together to address those challenges, help our neighbors and build a stronger community.

The Tulsa Area United Way encourages partnerships among our partner agencies and considers investments in nonprofit collaborations that have a community-wide impact and meet the following criteria:

  • Community Challenge

    Must be a catalyst for change and focused on a community wide issue requiring a multi-faceted solution.

  • Collaborators

    Must be a formal, documented alliance of various agencies; at least one of which a TAUW partner agency.

  • Shared Goal

    Must have a strategic plan with agreed upon outcomes.

  • Communications

    Must have a system in place for the transferring and sharing of information/data with frequent planning meetings.

  • Diverse Funding

    Must have other community funders. 

Community Collaborations

Anti-Bullying Coalition 918-699-0537 • 
Promotes bullying awareness, prevention and intervention in public schools.
A Way Home for Tulsa 918-585-5551 • 
Works to end long-term, chronic homelessness in the Tulsa area through intensive research and response from more than 20 organizations. 

Growing Together/City Year
Marshals the resources of the entire community to improve education and quality of life in low-income neighborhoods. 

Impact! Tulsa (STRIVE) 918-740-2346 •
A partnership of local community leaders who have come together to address the most pressing needs facing education by finding long-term, concrete solutions.  

Safe Babies Court 918-599-7999 • 
Transforms how child welfare and juvenile court systems work on behalf of maltreated infants and toddlers up to the age of three who are taken into state custody. 

Tulsa Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy 918-794-9073 •
Equips the community, including schools, with strategies to reduce teen pregnancy for the purpose of improving the health and economic well-being of our citizens. 

Tulsa County Child Protection Coalition 918-272-5962 • 
Improves the child protection system in Tulsa County through collaboration, advocacy, training and best practices. 

Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance 918-863-8700 •
Encourages and assists business/industry and the education community to develop innovative programs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, resulting in a skilled workforce and high-technology economy. 

For more information on Community Collaborations and how your organization can participate, please contact Cindy Longacre at 918-295-6696 or


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