Vice President of Finance

Purpose of Position:

Serves as the principal financial officer of the organization and, as such, is involved in all aspects of financial management. Responsible for the implementation and direction of the financial and information services activities of the organization.

Accountability: President & CEO

Job Classification: Exempt


Cash Management

  • Maintains cash position to ensure that adequate funds are available for payment to member agencies as requested by the Community Investments Department and for operations of the organization
  • Invests excess funds into appropriate financial instruments consistent with the Investment Policy established by the Finance and Audit Committee of the Board of Directors
  • Administers any necessary paperwork for bank signing authority

Financial Reporting

  • Prepares monthly financial statements and treasurer’s report for report to Finance and Audit Committee and Executive Leadership Team
  • Oversees the formulation of annual budget
  • Prepares annual financial statements for audit
  • Prepares the organization’s IRS Form 990
  • Serves as the staff contact for the organization’s independent accountants in the conduct of the annual independent audit

Campaign Processing

  • Manages processing of financial information
  • Plans the operation of the campaign audit, utilizing existing staff and volunteers where feasible and available.
  • Establishes and implements procedures and processes to be used and develops timetables for staff and for vendors of specialized services engaged during campaign

Purchasing Card

  • Serves as administrator for purchasing card program

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Oversees Finance Specialist, AR & Finance Specialist, AP
  • Oversees payroll and benefit deliverables provided by Human Resources Director

Major Working Relationships

Must interact with the staff, the Volunteer Board of Directors, the Finance and Audit Committee, banks, and the independent accountants to furnish information and materials necessary to their activities. Must also maintain contact with goods and service vendors to stay aware of product enhancements and/or upgrades.

Education and Experience

The position requires a degree in Accounting or Finance or, as an alternative, five or more years experience in a similar environment; a good working knowledge of computer systems; a complete understanding of GAAP accounting for non-profits; detailed knowledge of the duties of all positions in the department and the ability to impart that knowledge to other staff members and to volunteers.

Performance Measurement

  • Budget Performance
  • Investment Return
  • Cost Containment
  • Auditors’ Recommendations
  • Campaign Audit Accuracy
  • Interdepartmental Relations

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