Jesus's Story

from rebellion to responsibility

jesus j.
Client, Tulsa boys' home

Jesus J. is a man of few words, but he could admit he was in trouble and needed help. That help came in the form of Tulsa Boys’ Home.

A regular day starts with stretches and exercise, chores and breakfast. The boys attend three group sessions each day where they work through a 12-step program with a therapist. Then they talk about their goals for the day.

“The group times help me keep my sanity – keeping me from using,” said Jesus.

Before coming to the Boys’ Home, Jesus was rebellious. “Being intoxicated drove everything, it was my main focus. I was running in the streets.” Before long he got into trouble, which led him to the Tulsa Boys’ Home and a new life.

“I’d never had responsibility before, it feels good,” said Jesus about his time at TBH. “At first I thought it would be a drag, but they’ve taught me leadership and responsibility.”

Now all the relationships in Jesus’ life are very different. “I get along with everybody now, before I didn’t care.” One of his primary goals is to fix his relationship with his family and he’s well on his way.

He’s taking part in the on-campus Virtual Academy, a computer-assisted program that helps students in credit recovery efforts so they can graduate from high school.

“I want to catch up to my grade level – to give me hope for the future. At the Boys’ Home, my mind has been cleared, it’s not foggy – I realized it was time to grow up.”


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