Mentoring Tips


Here are some ideas and strategies for fostering a mutually rewarding and productive mentor-mentee relationship

Remember, while the Mentor is available to counsel and impart lessons learned, the mentee/protégé should take the lead in the mentoring sessions. The mentee can propose agendas, facilitate the meeting and summarize agreements.  
• Spend time leaning about each other and building a personal relationship before tackling mentoring program objectives

• Negotiate your ground rules for working together; when and how you will meet; confidentiality, etc. (you should have a mentor-mentee   agreement)

• Conduct some short telephone communications as well, with some structure such as proposed agendas and follow-up actions

• Share career stories: career start, changes made along the way and high and low points.  What experiences were helpful?

• Discuss mentee’s personal vision: What would he/she like to be remembered for over the next few years?

• Talk about topics not pertaining to work: news and events, family history, hobbies and movies

• Discuss mentee’s strengths and how to enhance their growth.  (Mentee should find information from their own observations, comments in performance reviews, informal feedback from supervisors or co-workers, education related info).  What do people say you do best?  Mentor can add his/her observations.


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