Staff Directory

Tom Albaugh Vice President, Labor Relations 918-295-6668
Austin Ambrose  Finance Specialist  918-295-6658
Alison Anthony  President and CEO 918-583-7171
Laura Bell Director, Office of the President 918-295-6618
Seth Bevan Technical Support Specialist 918-295-6645
Lexi Bollis  Volunteer Coordinator 918-295-6691
Heidi Braver  Director of Donor Experience 918-295-6660
Haley Buzzard Hamilton Campaign Operations Director 918-295-6664
John Cory Director, NTech Collaborative 918-295-6626
Sam Dagnall Campaign Account Manager 918-295-6636
Sharon DeLaughter Data Manager 918-295-6677
Anna Gross Human Resources Director 918-295-6654
Betsy Guyer Agency Specialist 918-295-6644
Amelia Heiselman  Campaign Account Specialist 918-295-6681
Donnie House Director - Community Investments 918-295-6615
Sondra Housley  Administrative Assistant  918-295-6605
Cindy Longacre Director of Community Initiatives 918-295-6696
Mariam Mamah  Community Investments Coordinator 918-295-6635
Carla Meyer Vice President, Finance 918-295-6616
Amanda Morrall  Director of Donor Relations  918-295-6692 
Chase Mowery  Campaign Account Manager 918-295-6661
Cynthia Qualls Vice President, Resource Development 918-295-6662
Greg Rex Graphic Designer 918-295-6628
Bonnie Rucker Director of Communications 918-295-6601
Brent Sadler Vice President, Community Investments 918-295-6670
Chris Steuck  AP Clerk / Finance Assistant 918-295-6651
Steve Sumrall  Senior Campaign Account Executive 918-295-6629
Eric Sundene  Building Supervisor 918-295-6631
Stephanie Wallen  Information Specialist 918-583-7171
Lauren Zeligson Digital Media Coordinator 918-295-6607