Become a Reading Partner and become a Hero! You will be matched with one student for whom you will serve as tutor, mentor and friend. On average, for every 1 month in Reading Partners, students gain 1.6 months of reading ability. As students learn faster, they can begin to narrow their achievement gap and catch up to their peers.

There are several ways to get involved! Click here for more information 

Math Mentors

Volunteer with the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance and become a Math Mentor for a 3rd grader at Sequoyah Elementary School. You can choose from opportunities on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:30 to 8:00 a.m. Be watching for more opportunities to be involved with the STEM alliance.

Click here for more information.

child enrichment opportunities 

CAP Tulsa provides support and guidance with early childhood education and comprehensive enrichment programs for the entire family. Just 30 minutes can make a difference in the life of a young child from newborn to four years old. 

To volunteer at one of CAP Tulsa's 10 sites or for more information email wlc@tauw.org.

FAFSA Preparation Assistance 

Work with Impact Tulsa to assist parents and students in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) IRS form. Training will be provided in January. Then you’ll have a variety of dates/times and locations to choose from for these events.

Email wlc@tauw.org to receive more details. 


WOMEN IN RECOVERY Mentor program

WLC partners with Family & Children's Services Women In Recovery graduates for a mentoring program. This is an opportunity to support those women who have successfully completed the program and are re-establishing their lives in our community. As a mentor to a WIR graduate you will participate in monthly WLC programming that is designed specifically to enhance the mentor/mentee relationship as well as provide practical life skills. All participants are carefully screened to assess compatibility between pairs.

For more information contact  wlc@tauw.org. 


want to serve on a WLC committee?

Click here to learn more

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