Women's Leadership Council

Part of the solution

Vanessa Herrera, Staff
Tulsa Area United Way

Vanessa Herrera knows first-hand the positive effect the Tulsa Area United Way has on the community.

At a point in her life with few options, Vanessa received the benefit of the innovative Women in Recovery program at Family and Children's Services, a partner agency.

She underwent treatment and received education and workforce readiness training preparing her to work as a temporary employee at the United Way.

"I enjoy meeting new, interesting people every day," says Vanessa of her position as Information Specialist.

When the full-time position became available, she applied, interviewed and was offered a position as a permanent member of the TAUW staff.

As the central hub for greeting visitors, answering phone calls, data entry and much more, Vanessa is the "go-to" person who helps makes TAUW run smoothly, day after day.

"I enjoy being a part of an organization that works to build a better community."

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