WLC Annual Networking Reception


Featuring keynote speaker Jean Kelley, author of
Dress Like a Million from Goodwill
and introducing
 TAUW President and CEO and WLC co-founder
 Alison Anthony

 Hors d’oeuvers, wine, & power shopping with a purpose
 June 7, 2018
 6-7:30 p.m.
 Goodwill of Tulsa
2800 Southwest Blvd.

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No matter what your income level or personal style, Goodwill can change your fashion life! Where else can you get name brand quality clothing for a fraction of the price … all while supporting an organization that improves the lives of so many on a daily basis? It’s a win-win all around.

Too many women in the workplace spend a lot of money on clothes and still look average. And when you spend $100+ for an outfit, you want it to look more than average. No one wants to spend a lot for clothing. Even women who do buy expensive clothes would rather spend $5.99 on a dress than $149.99. This is where Goodwill comes in.

While Jean Kelley initially only experienced Goodwill from their donation sites, she soon realized that if she was donating her nice clothes every season, others must be doing the same. That realization began her love affair with shopping at Goodwill, as Kelley mastered keeping on top of fashion trends while saving money. Kelley was inspired to write her book Dress like a Million from Goodwill to help others learn how to dress professionally and casually on a budget, because too many women spend too much on clothes with little reward. In her book, Kelley shares her years of observing workplace wardrobes to help people save money, look better, feel better, and have enhanced confidence. Not only does Kelley believe that Goodwill offers people money-saving opportunities, but she feels they are an excellent employer and community partner.

President and founder of Jean Kelley Leadership Consulting since 1981, Kelley is a leadership coach who works with high potential and seasoned managers in the U.S. and Canada. Kelley owned and managed Jean Kelley Personnel for 25 years. Leadership Tulsa named Kelley the 2017 Paragon Award Winner for service to Goodwill, and in the same year, Kelley was nominated for Tulsa Business Chronicle Woman of the Year. Kelley is a long-time Goodwill Board Member on a year-long book tour, donating the proceeds of sales to Goodwill.

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