WLC Strategic Plan


Mission Statement 

The Tulsa Area United Way Women’s Leadership Council connects and develops women leaders who create positive change in the community through focused investment of time, talent and financial resources.

Foster Member-Driven Governance 

Create and maintain a functional, focused, and accountable leadership structure. 
  • Sustain WLC through transparent financials, dedicated budget allocation and resource assignments
  • Integrate a governance structure and leadership roles within TAUW to maximize effectiveness and accountability
  • Align volunteer leadership with strategic drivers

Build Brand Recognition

Develop a signature brand that clearly communicates vision, mission and benefits. 
  • Refine membership structure and benefits to inspire participation
  • Expand sponsorships levels to support special events
  • Develop an outreach and communication plan, including digital media strategies, to increase engagement with internal and external stakeholders 

Enhance Member Experience 

Provide meaningful opportunities for women to connect, engage and learn. 
  • Build volunteer, leadership, networking and mentoring opportunities that meet the diverse needs of our members and the community
  • Improve formal communication channels among WLC, local women’s organizations, and TAUW/corporate affinity groups to increase efficiency, enhance learning and maximize our collective resources

Demonstrate Results 

Identify and strengthen outcomes, measure and processes for continuous improvement. 
  • Create a database management system for collecting data and reporting
  • Establish a baseline for increasing impact and results
  • Identify internal and external targets and goals for evaluating long- and short-term impact
  • Create and execute a process for monitoring and improving results  


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