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Tulsa Area United Way (TAUW) unites people and resources to improve lives and strengthen our communities. To do this, TAUW — with thousands of individual donors and companies — raises more than $25 million each year to support Social Innovations grants, Community Collaboration initiatives, shared technology services, and human services organizations. This means 160 programs within Tulsa, Creek, Rogers, Okmulgee, Osage, and Wagoner counties empower a community working together to ensure that everyone can flourish and thrive. Additionally, TAUW assumed leadership as the owner and operator of 211 Eastern Oklahoma on June 1, 2023.    

During TAUW’s annual Day of Caring events, more than 6,300 volunteers provide direct service to area schools and nonprofits.

TAUW invests in these key action areas that we believe are a foundation to successful living: 


Our education action area includes supporting lifelong learning from the youngest members of our community to our most senior citizens through educational information, training or counseling. 


Thousands of Tulsa area residents pulled themselves out of debt, found new jobs, put food on their tables, or stayed in their homes thanks to your contributions. 


Many of our nonprofit partners and collaborators offer information, direct services, training or counseling to help Tulsa area residents live longer, healthier, and more productive lives. 


TAUW’S Main Phone Number:
Physical Address:
1430 South Boulder Avenue,
Tulsa, OK 74119
Regular Hours:
Mon-Fri: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Because you LIVE UNITED, your support made the below community impact possible…


raised in 2022

$926+ million

invested in the community since 1924


Days of Caring volunteers in 2022

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2-1-1 is a free Tulsa Area United Way service that connects you to social services, including crisis support. Click below for a list of how our partner nonprofits can help you.

Visit TAUW Centennial Website

This year marks Tulsa Area United Way’s 100 years of service to our community. Our Centennial theme is “100 starts with 1.” Join us this year as we celebrate so many memories, successes, and people whose lives have been changed and saved through a century of heroes like you.

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Tulsa Area United Way funds approximately 160 nonprofit programs in the areas of education, health/safety, and financial stability. Our partners offer a variety of volunteer opportunities, including service on boards and committees and more.

TTCU workplace campaign celebrants.


Tulsa Area United Way’s data and research team created a Living Wage Infographic that educates the community and business leaders on the MSA living wage – what it takes to live in Tulsa without public or private assistance. 

why donate today?

In the below content sections, we’ve listed just a few reasons why your Tulsa Area United Way gift will make a difference.

  • TAUW is a community convener
  • Social Innovations Grants incubate new ideas
  • We set a high level of accountability for partner nonprofits
  • NTech provides pro bono IT assistance to partner nonprofits
  • TAUW is a leader in diversity, equity and inclusion in the community

We Set a High Level of Accountability for
Nonprofit Partners 

Each year, more than 180 Tulsa Area United Way volunteers spend 5,000 hours evaluating partner nonprofits’ audits, budgets and programs to maximize the impact of donations. Additionally, TAUW assists partner nonprofits with volunteer recruitment, training, and management. 

Our Social Innovations Grants Incubate New Ideas

Tulsa Area United Way’s Social Innovations grants allow organizations to incubate initiatives and bring new strategies to Tulsa and the surrounding area that work elsewhere and can potentially make a positive impact locally. 

TAUW is a Community Convener

Through our Community Collaborations initiative, we involve local nonprofit organizations (including non-partner agencies), businesses, foundations, and government agencies in collaborative efforts to address complex challenges.  

We Offer Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Education 

Tulsa Area United Way’s DEI program engages in intentional actions focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of the organization, looking inward for accountability and outward to drive change and strengthen partnerships in the community.

Tulsa Area United Way partner agency Mental Health Association Oklahoma staff person answering a phone.

TAUW Provides No-Cost IT Assistance for Nonprofit Partners

TAUW’s NTech program provides technology equipment and expertise, low or no-cost training, and services like website design and hosting for our partner nonprofits to have strong websites, safe online donor sites, social media tools, and skills to use the many tech resources available to them. 

Listen to Our Podcast

Live United Podcast, presented by Tulsa Area United Way, features monthly conversations with community leaders and the inspirational people served by TAUW’s partner nonprofits, Social Innovations grantees and Community Collaboration initiatives.

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Tulsa Area United Way’s History

In the beginning, we were known as the Tulsa Community Fund. Eleven health and human service organizations established our fund. Together, after only five days, our communities exceeded their first goal of $238,895 by $9,000. The estimated value of $238,895 in 1924 dollars, when adjusted for inflation, is approximately $4,457,510. 

The following organizations were the first recipients of the funds raised through Tulsa’s first united campaign. We have bolded the six original partners who remain Tulsa Area United Way agencies 100 years later:​

  • Boy Scouts
  • Confidential Exchange
  • Day Nursery
  • Frances Willard Home
  • Girl Scouts
  • Federation of Jewish Charities​
  • Red Cross
  • Tulsa Boys’ Home
  • Tulsa County Public Health Association
  • YMCA
  • YWCA

After the war, we changed our name to Tulsa Community Chest to reflect our broad mission. Then, in 1974, we officially became the Tulsa Area United Way.

As we did in 1924, we continue to unite people and resources to improve lives and strengthen our communities by strengthening the three building blocks to a better life: education, financial stability, and health and safety.


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