Your Style Personality Quiz

matthew gleason and carla meyer at an event where matthew shows off his style personality

By Matthew Gleason
Tulsa Area United Way

Hey, Tulsa Area United Way Women United Group members, take the style personality quiz to figure out your unique style personality. Don’t let the suit I’m wearing in the above photo fool you. I took the quiz and not-so-surprisingly discovered I have a “natural” style. The quiz pointed out that I’m very much like these superhumans: Meg Ryan, Jane Fonda, Jamie Lee
Curtis, Kurt Russell, Christie Brinkley, Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz. Of course, I’m exactly like them, hahaha.

Once you click for the below style personality quiz image, you’ll be taken to its pdf page, where you’ll pick the option that’s most aligned with your style personality. Enjoy!

Style personality quiz

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