Pandemic Rent Relief

Apartments like thise are among those that offer pandemic rent relief

Restore Hope Ministries partnered with the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation and the Tulsa Area COVID-19 Response Fund to assist Tulsa tenants and landlords with pandemic rent relief by helping pay past-due rent filed on the Tulsa County Forcible Entry and Detainer (FED) Docket, commonly referred to as the eviction docket.  

With this funding commitment from Tulsa Community Foundation and Tulsa Area United Way, 500 families will keep their homes, landlords will receive their payments and organizations like Restore Hope can coordinate plans for long-term recovery and long-needed systemic changes.  

“The current public health and economic crisis has been devastating for so many families, but we are eager to play a role in assisting those who have fallen behind,” said Stacy Schusterman, Chair of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation. “While this effort is a temporary solution to the immediate crisis, we hope that it serves as a catalyst to address the shocking fact that Tulsa County has the 11th highest eviction rate in the country. We look forward to seeing meaningful changes to the county’s eviction docket as we begin a process of building better landlord-tenant relations through mediation and other cooperative efforts.” 

“Tenants in Tulsa County have been experiencing an eviction crisis for years,” notes Rev. Jeff Jaynes, Restore Hope Ministries’ Executive Director, “and COVID-19 has added to that crisis. Tenants are facing record unemployment, delays in benefits, and fears of becoming homeless in the midst of a global pandemic. And landlords that rely on those rent funds to pay their own bills are also hurting. This amazing grant will allow us to help both parties as well as provide some needed change to work toward a solution of the larger eviction crisis.”  

Restore Hope’s Homeless Prevention Initiative works with landlords, tenants and Tulsa County’s Early Settlement Mediation Program to facilitate this pandemic rent relief program. Tenants agree to continue to abide by their lease agreements while landlords agree to not file eviction cases for the next three months. 

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