TAUW Webinar on Abuse

TAUW webinar on abuse graphic

The TAUW webinar on abuse featured experts at Domestic Violence Intervention Services and 12&12 to explain the intersection of domestic violence and substance abuse. Lauren Anderson and Amy Hardy led an engaging discussion on the types of abuse, the cycle of violence, reactions to trauma and common obstacles to substance abuse treatment.

Below you will find an excerpt from a related blog by Johnelle Smith, M.D:

“There is a strong correlation between substance abuse and instances of domestic violence. Both the abuser and victim may abuse substances, a link which may increase the rate and severity of abuse.

Substance abuse and domestic violence are connected in many different ways, each of which harms both people in the relationship.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) defines domestic violence as the use of intentional emotional, psychological, sexual, or physical force by one family member or intimate partner to control another.

Those who abuse substances are more likely to commit acts of domestic violence, and the victims of such acts are also at a higher risk of abusing drugs or alcohol.

Whether it be to escape their abusive partner, relieve pain from physical abuse, or treat symptoms of mental illness, substances can quickly become a coping strategy.”

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