Get Slimed 4 Good

Alison Anthony, President and CEO of Tulsa Area United Way, about to get slimed in 2020

Recently our CEO, Alison Anthony, accepted the challenge to Get Slimed 4 Good, a FUNraiser designed to allow leaders to challenge one another to have a bucket of slime poured on them in support of giving to the Tulsa Area United Way.  

Alison states, “we can all agree that this year has been REALLY SLIMY and lots of people are struggling, which is why I accepted this challenge from Bailey Siegfried at NORDAM. Accepting challenges is the norm for the Tulsa Area United Way as we have been helping our community through nearly 100 years of all types of challenges…and this year is no exception.”  

This year’s 2020 campaign theme is United in Hope, because we count on generous donors to bring HOPE to all those facing challenging times.  

We encourage you to pledge through your workplace campaign, if that’s not an option you can donate directly at No gift is too small as every dollar matters. 

Please join us in the Get Slimed 4 Good challenge by calling out your friends, family, and co-workers to get slimed and give to the Tulsa Area United Way. 

If you need the supplies, stop by the Tulsa Area United Way and pick up some slime today – let’s get slimed for good! 

Watch Alison get slimed on Facebook 

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