Medicaid Expansion Matters

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Medicaid expansion matters in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Health Care Authority has estimated more than 200,000 people previously ineligible can now qualify.

Thanks to many in our community continuously pressing the need for expanded coverage, State Question 802 was passed on June 30, 2020, and now health care is a reality for many in our community. The expansion now includes eligible adults age 19-64. Ninety percent of the cost is paid for by the federal government and now includes substance abuse and serious mental illness prevention and treatment services for adults. In the past, these services were ineligible for Medicaid payment.

Of course, there are a number of qualifiers and eligibility requirements and a lot of benefits – here are a few listed below.

  • Income requirements are estimates. Higher incomes may be accepted.
  • There is no work requirement. If you are unemployed and/or not working, you may qualify.
  • For individuals that are self-employed, income is calculated after business deductions.
  • There are no health questions on the applications and pre-existing health conditions are covered.
  • No monthly premiums
  • Full medical coverage
  • Very low co-pays
  • Six prescription medications per month
  • Plan covers:
    • Medical and specialist visits
    • ER and inpatient hospital services
    • X-Ray and Lab services
    • Medical equipment
    • Diabetic supplies
    • Behavioral Health visits
    • Home Health visits
  • Eligibility requirements:
    • Be a citizen of the US or be in the country legally.
    • Be lawfully present for at least 5 years.
    • Be a resident of Oklahoma.
    • Meet income requirements (see below).

Income should be at or below the income listed. Higher income may be accepted.


Household Size          Annual Income            Monthly Income        Weekly Income
1                                  $17,796                          $1,483                          $345
2                                  $24,048                          $2,004                          $466
3                                  $30,312                          $2,526                          $587
4                                  $36,588                          $3,049                          $709
5                                  $42,852                          $3,571                          $830
6                                  $49,104                          $4,092                          $952


We have two fantastic partner agencies who are assisting our citizens to gain this needed coverage.  Both Morton Comprehensive Health Services and Family and Children Services are available to assist individuals to navigate the process and enrollment.

Because Medicaid Expansion matters, 200,000 more Oklahomans have health insurance that is critical for both staying healthy as well as covering costs when people are sick or injured.

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