Become a TAUW Campaign Fellow

Become a TAUW campaign fellow for a fun and meaningful job. Tulsa Area United Way is eager to recruit Campaign Fellows to assist staff and volunteers in fundraising for the 2021 annual campaign.


To convey how fulfilling the Campaign Fellow experience can be, read this Q&A with our very own Michael Lager. He is a TAUW Campaign Account Manager who served as a Campaign Fellow in 2020. Michael is one of seven current TAUW staff – that’s 22% of our workforce! – who were formerly Campaign Fellows or Loaned Executives. Click Here to Apply to Serve as a 2021 Campaign Fellow! 


Question 1: What were you doing directly before becoming a Tulsa Area United Way Campaign Fellow in 2020?

Michael: Well, 2020, as we all know, was a strange year. After the pandemic began, the business I worked for managed to stay open for a few months before closing its doors. So that summer, I started looking for work in other industries. I wanted to take my background in sales and education and do something that still allowed me to help people. A few months later, this Campaign Fellow position came open at the United Way. I knew this three-month position would be the perfect way to get some incredible experience in the nonprofit world. Of course, some of the job was a little challenging because I’d never worked in the nonprofit sector. But the staff were so kind, patient and taught me so many lessons that I’ll continue to use for the rest of my personal and professional life.

Question 2: What is the atmosphere like in the office during the campaign?

Michael: It’s a fun and high-energy atmosphere where we’re all celebrating the progress we make each day. There’s plenty of bell-ringing to celebrate each new donation. It’s an incredible feeling knowing that so many people believe in the United Way’s mission. And it’s so fulfilling knowing you are a part of its success.

Question 3: After your Campaign Fellow tenure ended, tell us about your journey back to the United Way as a full-time staff member in 2021.

Michael: I went back into retail sales, but I always kept my eye out on positions in nonprofits, especially TAUW. So, when I saw this job open at the United Way, I was so excited. Thankfully, my experience with the campaign, along with my other job skills, got me the job. I am thrilled to be a part of the 2021 campaign. Basically, I work with campaigns in the state, county, federal, education, and nonprofit sectors. I help support their efforts throughout the campaign season.


Question 4: What would you tell someone to become a TAUW campaign fellow?


Michael: If working for a nonprofit is something you want to do — do it. You get to see the fruits of your labor from the beginning of the campaign right through to the amazing end. That’s the day where we celebrate how living united changes lives and strengthens our social safety net.

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