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KIPP Drumline at Tulsa Area United Way campaign kickoff

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On the same day as the TAUW Campaign Goal was announced, asked the crowd for a moment of silence in remembrance for those lost on 9/11. Then, after stirring remarks by campaign co-chair Karen Keith, and our CEO, Alison Anthony, we unfurled a 26-foot banner from the top of the Transok Apartments at 6th & Main. As the crowd cheered, the banner announced our $25,370,129 fundraising goal to support our 59 partner agencies.

United Way Campaign Co-Chair Tim Lyons, President & CEO of TTCU Federal Credit Union, joined Stuart Price, Nikki Price, and Jackie Price Johannsen, of Price Family Properties, to unfurl the banner.

At the same time, Karen Keith, Tulsa County Commissioner, announced the goal number that is approximately $1 million more than the amount raised last year.

The unveiling was a part of the Downtown Deco Bike Challenge and Campaign Kickoff.

More than 1,000 people walked through our balloon arch at 6th and Main to help United Way earn a $100,000 donation from Price Family Properties. We were so excited that Price Family Properties offered to donate $100 for every person (and pets!) who passed under the balloon arch for the second consecutive year. 

The festivities included the KIPP Drum Line parading down Main Street and then passing through the balloon arch. The drum line went onto wow the crowd with a performance that, well, you can see for yourself by clicking here.

Attendees also had the opportunity to take their pictures in front of BIG FOOT, the king of monster trucks.

Before the goal reveal, our moment of silence was followed by the crowd joining together to sing the National Anthem. Then Alison Anthony addressed the crowd. 

“Last year was a challenging year for our community and nation because of the pandemic,” Alison said. “But our community came together to support the many individuals and families who found themselves needing assistance in ways they had never experienced before, and we kept the social safety net strong.   

“As many know, we set our goal on the needs of our community,” Anthony said. “Several hundred volunteers spend several thousand hours in the first half of the year conducting a rigorous assessment that includes site visits, performance evaluations, and an examination of the organizations’ financial condition. They also review vast amounts of data to determine what programs are most needed. This goal reflects a thoughtful and respectful study of that information.  

“We realize everything is not yet back to ‘normal,’ but we hope that those who can give more will. This TAUW campaign goal will engage employees, share stories of hope, lift weary spirits, and demonstrate how the power of living united can solve problems and make amazing things happen in our community.”  

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