TAUW Needs $1.2 Million to Reach Goal

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NOTE: This Tulsa World story “Tulsa Area United Way Needs $1.2 Million to Reach Goal” appeared in the Tulsa in mid-November 2022. As of Jan 9, 2023, the unding shortfall is now approximately $500k.

With just over a week to go in the 2022 fall fundraising campaign, Tulsa Area United Way President and CEO Alison Anthony announced the organization still needs to raise $1.4 million by November 15 to meet the nearly $26 million community goal.  

The goal is based on real needs. A panel of 180 trained volunteers determined the amount necessary to support 145 nonprofit programs, community collaborations and innovation grants, providing a safety net for thousands of people in Tulsa, Creek, Rogers, Okmulgee, Osage and Wagoner counties.  When fundraising falls short, programs and services are impacted at a time when people need help the most.

“Families continue to give, but many are making tough decisions to decrease their contributions as they stretch their budgets in order to make ends meet in this uncertain economy,” Anthony says. “Additionally, many Tulsa-area companies have had to reduce their charitable giving as a result of rising inflation, supply chain problems, and labor force difficulties. Unfortunately, tough economic times also create a stronger demand on nonprofit services for those needing help to access food, utility assistance, mental health counseling, and more.” 

“In spite of this year’s economic headwinds, I have faith in our loyal donors and those contributing for the first time to help us close this gap. The only way we can get through challenging times is to come together as a compassionate community. The beauty of the United Way fundraising effort is that each of us can do what we can to change and save the lives of our families, friends, and neighbors.” 

Ways to Give 

  • Donate to Tulsa Area United Way by visiting www.tauw.org/contribute or use the QR code below.
  • Thanks again to the Tulsa World for its story “Tulsa Area United Way Needs $1.2 Million to Reach Goal.”

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