Voting Poll Workers Needed – Extra Pay for Your Civic Duty!

Currently, a shortage of poll workers is jeopardizing Tulsa’s ability to properly hold elections. Tulsa County has 251 precincts that must be staffed with a minimum of three election officials. People who do volunteer are aging out of the role, making finding replacements difficult.

To ensure free and fair elections can continue in Tulsa County, we must have a sufficient number of poll workers and precinct officials.

TAUW is participating in the Adopt-a-Precinct Program with members of the Tulsa Chamber.

The Adopt a Precinct initiative encourages businesses to take an active role in promoting civic engagement by allowing their employees paid leave to serve as poll workers on election days. Companies that agree to do so will be recognized as Civically Engaged Workplaces for their support of Tulsa County’s election system (please note that employees classified as hourly non-exempt and temporary are not eligible for the paid poll worker leave for TAUW and have not been included on this email).

NOTE: Poll Workers currently receive between $100-110 but thanks to recent legislations, beginning July 1, pay increases to $200-225 (depending on the position).

QUALIFICATIONS:  In order to be a poll worker in Tulsa County, you must be a registered voter in Tulsa County and you must complete a one-day training course to be taught at the election board. They schedule them once they have enough volunteers to make up a class.

To sign up, go to the “Poll Worker Portal” on the Tulsa County Election Board website. From there, click the “Apply Online” button to create an account and apply.

Let’s fill up those polls – that’s another way we can unite people and resources to improve lives and strengthen communities.

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