We adhere to comprehensive requirements for audited financial statements that ensure consistency and transparency on the part of each United Way. 

We require that our financials conform to current best practices among non-profit organizations as well as generally accepted accounting principles. United Way’s system also requires completion of the IRS Form 990 in order to ensure transparency, using consistent standards.  

Independent Organizations 

Tulsa Area United Way (TAUW) is an independent organization founded and governed by local volunteers to unite people and resources to improve lives and build a stronger community. TAUW is a member of United Way Worldwide and is required to complete annual certification requirements for membership. 

Strict Checks and Balances 

To ensure that TAUW is operated in a fiscally responsible manner, a rigorous system of checks and balances is in place. With the support of our volunteer Finance and Audit Committee, as well as our Board of Directors, we are continually improving our fiscal performance by leveraging the financial and management expertise in our community. In addition to the organization’s operating budget, the Board of Directors reviews and approves its community funding decisions.  


TAUW’s financials are audited by an independent CPA firm each year. These independent auditors reported our financial statements fairly and accurately reflect the financial situation of the Tulsa Area United Way. A voluntary Finance and Audit Committee approves the annual audit, which is then reviewed by the Board of Directors.  

full transparency 

We are able to do our work due to the support of tens of thousands of individual investors and Tulsa area employers who entrust us with stewardship of their donations. We provide information about donations to all donors and are happy to answer their questions about how we invest in our programs and services.  

To learn about TAUW’s Ethics Reporting Information, click here.

Below you will find TAUW’s audited financial statements and Form 990.

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Tulsa Area United Way CFO


Financial Statements