Data Reports

Below you will find data reports produced by Tulsa Area United Way that offer resources to identify community needs and inform solutions. You will find more information about each report, along with digital versions, further down the page.

Community Insights

living wage

equality indicators

State of the Area

Community Insights report

Tulsa Area United Way (TAUW), in collaboration with Healthy Minds Policy Initiative, is proud to release this online report, “Community Insights: The Impact of COVID-19 on Children and Youth in the Tulsa Area United Way Region.” This report was made possible by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma. Spearheaded by Melanie Poulter, TAUW’s Research and Data Director, the report meticulously examines COVID-19’s impact on youth in four major domains: physical health, safety and well-being, mental health, and academic achievement. The report also spotlights how TAUW, alongside its partner nonprofits and Community Collaboration initiatives pioneered innovative service models to address the evolving needs triggered by the pandemic.

Living Wage Infographic

TAUW’s data and research efforts allowed us to create and offer a Living Wage Infographic that provides compelling pieces of data that demonstrate inequities in education, health, safety, and financial stability. We continue to analyze gaps in our own geographical impact of service areas as we consider new investments.

Equality Indicators

The Mayor’s Office of Resilience and Equity (MORE) and the Tulsa Area United Way (TAUW) released the sixth Tulsa Equality Indicators report, with results showing a continued overall score increase from the 2018 baseline. Tulsa’s aggregate City Score for 2023 is 42.37 out of 100, which is greater than any of the scores from the previous five report years (prior years’ scores have been adjusted for indicator changes). This scoring suggests Tulsa may be improving in regard to equality on some of the 54 indicators. The full 2023 Tulsa Equality Indicators Report, in addition to learning opportunities and past reports be found online at

2024 State of the Area

This presentation depicts demographics and indicators related to TAUW’s three Community Investments building blocks: financial stability, education, and health and safety, for the 6-county TAUW area.