Data Resource links

State & National Data Resources

Demographics Plus

Census Bureau

Demographic, socioeconomic, and housing data available for geographies from nation and state to zip code, census tract, and block group.

Financial Stability

Bureau of LABOR statistics

Labor force data at the national, state, and county level.

Okla. DHS
Stat Tables

 Library Statistical Tables featuring public assistance program participation data.


OKLA. State Dept. of Education

Student count, low-income data, academic performance data aimed to help provide support for students, help to develop school improvement plans or shape public education laws.

OKLA. School Report Cards

Performance by school measured by academic achievement and growth, chronic absenteeism, English language proficiency, postsecondary opportunities, and graduation.

health & Safety

Tulsa health department tulsa county health status report

Data analyzed and mapped by zip code to depict health status of Tulsa County residents. 

Oklahoma state department of health ok2share

Department of Health OK2SHARE provides state and county level vital stats, as well as state and regional data.

Health Rankings

National and state level health, environmental and socioeconomic data and state rankings.

Dept. of Mental Health and Substance abuse

Information on this page includes current and archived statistics and data, reports, interactive dashboards and fast facts about mental health and substance abuse services provided in Oklahoma.


Department of human services Library

Find data on child abuse & neglect, services for persons with developmental disabilities, and more. 

local Data Resources

impact Tulsa Data Dashboard

The ImpactTulsa Data Dashboard provides key educational indicators to measure and assess factors affecting children’s likelihood to thrive. 

housing solutions data dashboard

This collection of visualizations includes interactive, adaptable views into the client experience within Tulsa’s continuum of housing-related services.

9b Neighborhood

Data at the Tulsa neighborhood level to help identify challenging conditions and assess impact of efforts.

neighborhood conditions index

City of Tulsa is using data to assist residents in identifying assets and opportunities in neighborhoods.