Tulsa Area United Way’s Community Investments process is essential in funding allocations that are determined through a rigorous community-based decision-making process.

Each spring, our Community Investments department and a team of 200+ volunteers determine how to allocate resources among our partner nonprofits.

As you can see in the below list, our Community Investments Process involves an extensive analysis of each agency’s finances and operations.

Step 1: Review the partner nonprofit funding applications and financial information.

Step 2: Conduct partner nonprofit site visits.

Step 3: Panels assess performance and analyze the agencies’ financial condition.

Step 4: Divisions’ chairs receive and review funding recommendations.

Step 5: Community Investments Cabinet finalizes agency funding amounts.

Step 6: The campaign fundraising goal is set to meet the needs of the community.

Step 7: Nearly 800 companies & organizations run campaigns, with more than 23,000 donors.

Step 8: Goals met and dollars invested!


By pledging to support Tulsa Area United Way, you are improving the lives of thousands of your friends and neighbors in the Tulsa region, making your community a better place to live.

In turn, this is our pledge to you: your contributions will be invested wisely and locally – with a direct and immediate impact on your community.

Tulsa Area United Way employs a reliable system of investing in our community, recognized and emulated across the nation. Our system provides assurance to our contributors, who are confident their dollars will make a difference.

We utilize more than 180 community volunteers to determine how and where your dollars will be invested in the community. These important decisions are made by you – our volunteers – not United Way staff members.

Join A Community investments panel

Registration for 2024 Community Investment Panels is open from October through December 2023. If you are interested in serving on a 2024 panel, please click the link below to create a TAUW Volunteer account and complete the Community Investments Panel registration form. Registration closes on December 15th.  Registered volunteers will receive additional information on the 2024 Community Investment Process after registration closes.

Link to Register as 2024 Panel Member