How TAUW Builds Nonprofit Capacity

Through nonprofit capacity building efforts, and more, Tulsa Area United Way is constantly striving to improve education, health & safety and financial stability in our community. Whether it’s by encouraging innovation or giving our nonprofit partners the capacity to do more, we’re strengthening our communities’ human service safety net to create lasting results.

Below you will find four examples of how TAUW continues nonprofit capacity building to strengthen critical services in our community.


Sapulpa Family Resource Center

The Sapulpa Family Resource Center is a physical space that TAUW supports through rent, utilities and an employee of Domestic Violence Intervention Services (DVIS) who provides front desk presence for this location.

The center provides an opportunity for TAUW partner nonprofits to share a common space to help citizens in Sapulpa and the surrounding communities have a “one stop shop.”

NTECH Collaborative

The NTech Collaborative is a technology assistance program supported by TAUW. It provides consulting, solution procurement, direct IT support, shared resources, and training for nonprofit organizations. NTech’s specific technology solutions include interactive internet and website presence, including maintenance and hosting; shared hardware resources; infrastructure and software replacements/upgrades; cyber-security; and IT training, among others. To learn more, visit

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young professionals

New Voices

For many years, the New Voices Board Internship Program, which is supported by TAUW, has been a primary Tulsa resource for recruiting, training, and mobilizing talented individuals from underrepresented Tulsa populations to work on nonprofit boards. Interns are assigned to additional area nonprofit organization in the board internship program rather than only to TAUW partner organizations. We believe that if interns are offered a wide selection of agencies, they are more likely to secure permanent placements on boards working to make a difference in our community. To learn more visit

siemer Institute partnership

Tulsa Area United Way partners with the Siemer Institute to bring national thought leadership, multi-year grant funding, technical assistance, research and training to the TAUW service area in support of local two-generation programs that helps families reach long-term stability, keep families in their homes, and prevent academic disruptions for children. As a Siemer partner, TAUW leverages local investments for a 2:1 match, resulting in increased funding for community partners. Currently, TAUW supports CAP Tulsa and their 2-generation programming to identify families that would benefit from case management and coaching, financial assistance and education, job training referrals, and emergency and food assistance. Combined this model works to ensure families increase their income and children stay in school and in their homes.