Allison’s Story

Raising the Bar

Allison Walden

Community Investments Panelist

Allison Walden brings substantial fundraising experience to TAUW’s Community Investments panel.

Allison works in development for the Tulsa Regional Chamber. She decided that volunteering on a Community Investments panel would be a great way to further engage with her community and develop her fundraising skills.

“I viewed serving on a panel as a good opportunity to meet people and become familiar with agencies and the needs in our area,” said Allison. “Working in development, it was interesting to be on the other side.”

Allison signed up in late 2011 to serve on a panel during the first half of 2012. “My first impressions of the Community Investments process was that it was well organized and a very thorough vetting process for partner agencies.”

The Community Investments process involves agency tours for panelists. This was very eye-opening for Allison. “When you have an opportunity to visit partner agencies, you really get it. It makes the motivation to give even stronger,” she said.

“The need for charitable work in Tulsa is great. But it’s nice to see firsthand how local entities are taking care of local needs. The United Way helps encourage partner agencies and holds them accountable – they really help raise the bar.”