Maddy’s Story

Maddy Overcame Her Physical Challenges

Maddy Edwards

The Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges

Thirteen-year-old Maddy Edwards bristled when her mother suggested she play wheelchair basketball.

“I wanted to play real basketball,” said Maddy, who lost both her legs below the knee due to meningitis as a child.

However, she soon forgot about her initial skepticism.

Maddy participates in wheelchair basketball at the Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges, a United Way agency.

Although she is as mobile with prostheses as her peers are with “real” legs, playing basketball in a chair helps her focus on the ball and the game and reduces impact on her knees.

“It’s been a great experience,” says Maddy, who is a top performer at school and quite ambitious. “I look forward to practice every week.”

She plans to attend college and become either a chef or a physician.