Marla’s Story

Marla Bradshaw recognized the increasing need in her community and knew that meeting that need would require a greater level… Continue reading Marla’s Story

Amy’s Story

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Kevin’s Story

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Becky’s Story

Becky Barrows was a single mother struggling to raise three small children when she first participated in a workplace campaign… Continue reading Becky’s Story

Yvonne’s Story

A boisterous Mexican fiesta featuring a food buffet has become an annual tradition at LUXA Enterprises. The popular fiesta benefits… Continue reading Yvonne’s Story

Bailey’s Story

Supporting the Tulsa Area United Way is a generational tradition for Bailey J. Siegfried. Bailey’s father, Ray Siegfried, founded local… Continue reading Bailey’s Story

Kelli’s Story

Giving back to her community is a personal decision for Kelli Ostmeyer. “So many people have helped me in my… Continue reading Kelli’s Story

Lesli’s Story

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Cathy’s Story

Cathy Gates knows the importance of fiscal responsibility. Cathy is retired from Ernst & Young. She has been a member… Continue reading Cathy’s Story

Jesse’s Story

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