KeJuan's Story

Achieving excellence

Kejuan Campbell
KIPP Tulsa College Preparatory

For Kejuan, KIPP Tulsa College Preparatory, a free public charter middle school and Tulsa Area United Way partner agency, offers the perfect blend of academics, extracurricular activities and an environment where he feels he has a voice.

The relationships he has formed with teachers at KIPP Tulsa have helped him mature. At his former school, he did not feel heard which led to frustration and ultimately some poor choices. At KIPP Tulsa, his teachers listen to what he has to say.

Being academically driven his entire life, Kejuan has attended KIPP Tulsa since the fifth grade and is involved with National Junior Honor Society, as well as football and basketball.

Kejuan’s favorite activity is basketball. “He had to try out for basketball,” explains Kejuan’s mother, Rashuana. “He made the team with the eighth graders.” This year, Kejuan’s team finished in second place.

Kejuan’s coaches have noted that his instincts as a guard speak to his decision-making skills and that his intelligence is evident in the classroom and on the court. Kejuan was instrumental in the team’s journey to the championship.

National Junior Honor Society has offered Kejuan an opportunity to give back to the community. “We do community projects,” Kejuan says. “And we raise money for the community, too.”

Though not always easy, Kejuan has been able to balance all of his activities on top of achieving excellent grades.

Although he has always excelled academically, Kejuan finds KIPP Tulsa's curriculum to be challenging. He is encouraged to learn from his mistakes and make better choices. Kejuan plans on studying to be an engineer or a meteorologist after he graduates from high school.

“It’s been hard,” Kejuan explains. “Right after school, you have to go to practice, and then you go home and do homework.”

As Tulsa’s original college preparatory public school, KIPP Tulsa is committed to helping kids from educationally underserved communities develop the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in college and beyond. KIPP Tulsa’s tuition-free, open enrollment policy provides the opportunity for anyone to attend.


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