Methods of Giving

If you would like to join the Alexis de Tocqueville Society or renew your membership, there are several ways to make your contribution:

Cash/credit card

The most common way to join the Alexis de Tocqueville
Society is through your credit or debit card. Simply provide
your account number on the enclosed pledge card. The Tulsa
Area United Way adheres to maximum security guidelines
and does not share your information with any third party.

Gifts of Stock
Giving appreciated stock may qualify you for a larger tax
deduction and allow you to avoid capital gains tax.

Read more here.

Donor-Advised Fund
Establishing a donor-advised fund may allow you to lower
your tax bill while maximizing charitable contributions.
Donor-advised funds may be established through the Tulsa
Community Foundation or your financial adviser.

Read more here.

Multi-Year Gifts
Tocqueville members may give multi-year gifts, which
also can result in a significant tax savings by “bunching”
deductions into one year.