Research shows customers support businesses that support their community. 

Running a Tulsa Area United Way (TAUW) campaign not only provides a tremendous service to your company or organization, your efforts will also make a difference, improving lives and building stronger communities.

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Why Run a Campaign?

  • Enhance the reputation and visibility of your business by using our brand to build your brand
  • Contribute toward a safer, more prosperous community in which to live and grow your business
  • Build morale, loyalty and productivity of your employees
  • Create a strong culture of caring to attract and retain the right kind of employees and customers
  • Invest wisely in a network of highly vetted and respected non-profit organizations and programs.

Depending on the size of your organization, the average campaign runs for one to two weeks. 

Most campaigns take place sometime between July and November, but they can happen at any time best suited for your organization. 

Tulsa Area United Way offers a free online giving platform to collect your employee donations, and employees have the option of utilizing payroll deductions for their contributions. Donations to TAUW are tax-deductible.

already running a campaign?

We’ll Provide the Materials & Support
You Need to Run an Awesome Campaign

Contact Tulsa Area United Way campaign staff online here or call 918-583-7171 for more information and to run your first campaign!

Know a Company That would Be Interested in Running A TAUW Campaign?

Over the past two years, we’ve been able to secure more than 100 new campaigns – all through warm introductions from United Way friends like you!

To submit a warm introduction, complete our potential company prospect form, ALFY (which stands for Another Lead For You), so we can connect with the business. After you submit an ALFY, our team of account managers will briefly consult with you before reaching out to the company. No business is too large or too small to help sustain the social safety net!