Kevin’s Story

Kevin’s story began when many companies large and small supported the Tulsa Area United Way through recent workplace campaigns. Last… Continue reading Kevin’s Story

The Martins’ Story

The Martins’ story begins when Aleida and John Martin were shopping for cars in Owasso when they got “the call.”… Continue reading The Martins’ Story

Shirley’s Story

Shirley’s story featured in a TAUW campaign video began with a major heart attack — something most women would not… Continue reading Shirley’s Story

Victoria’s Story

Victoria’s story began as she didn’t realize the level of grief she and her two children were experiencing after her… Continue reading Victoria’s Story

Billie’s Story

Billie’s story had become quite somber during the last few years. Friends and family members had begun to pass away,… Continue reading Billie’s Story

Will’s Story

Will’s story includes a times as a child when he never experienced safety, stability or success. His father was not… Continue reading Will’s Story

Maddy’s Story

Maddy’s story begins as the 13-year-old bristled when her mother suggested she play wheelchair basketball. “I wanted to play real… Continue reading Maddy’s Story

Javion’s Story

Books are a new frontier of wonder, discovery and hope in seven-year-old Javion’s story. Like many of his classmates, Javion… Continue reading Javion’s Story

The Kelleys’ Story

The Kelleys story begins focused on how important structure is to their son Michael’s life. But because of A New… Continue reading The Kelleys’ Story

Lisa’s Story

Lisa’s story begins as she’s refused to allow seemingly insurmountable obstacles to stand in her way. As a high school… Continue reading Lisa’s Story